Fire 2001 Byng Inlet 






Our Pictures of the Fire From August 2001

North shore of Byng Inlet August 5 / 1:33 PM. We notice the fire minutes before and hear the rush of flames consuming white pine and jack pine. The trees are igniting and exploding in the intense summer heat.


1:43 PM the first water bomber arrives ! The converted Twin Otters [1997 ] scoop up and carry the water in their floats, then hold and drop water on forest fires.

CL-415's arrive to fight the fire at around the same time.



CL-415's dropping water fire

If you look close in the picture below, you can see the plane spotting [above the Twin Otter] the fire and giving coordinates to the water bombers. At this time there are quite a few water bombers in the sky, refilling their tanks and in the process of taking off or landing. It is very well managed and is like a ballet. I felt very proud to be a Canadian and knew how lucky we are to have such able firefighters. The total time took many hours to fight this blaze and the crews came by the following day to add more water to the smoldering fire. We were told that kids started the fire but can't confirm this fact.

"Bird Dog" Aircraft or Spotter


Two pictures of a CL-415 filling it's tanks, in front of Wright's Marina at 2:01 PM, August 10 2001 five days after the first fire, fighting a new lightning strike on our side of the Inlet. Talk about global warming !!!



CL-415 Specifications

Designer/Manufacturer: Bombardier Aerospace, Montreal, Canada.

Type of Aircraft: High wing, all metal, amphibious flying boat with integral tanks for water bombing.

Uses: Forest fire fighting.

Power Plant: Two Pratt & Whitney PW123AF engines, 2,380 shp each.

Wingspan: 28.63 m (93 ft. 11 in.).

Length: 19.82 m (65 ft. 0.5 in.).

Height: 8.98 m (29 ft. 5.5 in.).

Fuel Capacity: 5,796 L (1,297 Imperial gallons).

Integral Tank Capacity: 6,130 L (1,350 Imperial gallons).

Maximum Payload: 6,123 kg (13,500 lbs.).

Maximum Takeoff Wt.: Disposable Load - 19,890 kg (43,850 lbs.)

Non-disposable Load - 17,169 kg (37,850 lbs.)

Takeoff Distance: Disposable Load - 823 m (2,700 ft.)

Non-disposable Load - 701 m (2,300 ft.)

Max. Liftoff Weight: (after scooping): 21,319 kg (47,000 lbs.).

Scooping Distance: 15 m - 15 m (50 ft. to 50 ft.): 823 m (2,700 ft.).

Scooping Time: 12 seconds.

Typical Time on Fire Scene: 4 hours.

Max. Ferry Range: 2,427 km (1,310 n. mi.).

Cruise Speed Water Load: 325 km/h (190 knots).

Cruise Speed: Empty (at 5,000 ft.) - 365 km/h (197 knots).


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